Hello stranger,
my name is Andrea Barberio, and this is my home. Welcome.

I work as Production Engineer at Facebook. I focus on product and infrastructure reliability, and previously I worked on datacenter automation and open source firmware. More about my work life on my résumé or on my LinkedIn page.

Alternatively, write me an email.

I’m also on Mastodon, @insomniac@mastodon.online.


If you are looking for Dublin Traceroute, you’ll find it here: https://dublin-traceroute.net . The Python bindings with visualization and statistic analysis are at https://github.com/insomniacslk/python-dublin-traceroute .

The Israel Institute of Technology had a few students working on dublin-traceroute for their M.Sc., see their work at https://github.com/CS236340/RocketFuel . Thanks to Itzik and his students!

Here are the slides of my talk Visualizing Multipath Networks with Dublin-Traceroute at MOCA 2016.

BitWarden setup with Tailscale and a Raspberry Pi

You can read about it here, Private BitWarden setup with bitwarden_rs and Tailscale

Public talks


Our work is cited in various places. Some of which I kept track of:

Assembly riddles

I’ve published my solutions to the fantastic [xchg rax,rax] book from xorpd. Find it at https://insomniacslk.github.io/xorpd-solutions/ .

Other projects

Some public projects I created:

And I also contribute to or maintain:

Some project I created for my Computer Forensics exams:

Other projects can be found on my github page and my bitbucket page

Technical reviews

I have helped with technical reviews of the following books and articles for O’Reilly:

I also host a mirror of PoC||GTFO